3 steps to follow before buying yacon syrup:

1. Choose production that is being made in Europe, Canada or the United States. Due to strict laws and supervision supplements coming from these regions are of a higher quality.

2. Always choose verified or certified yacon syrup. These are usually of the highest possible quality.

3. Don’t expect to purchase high quality yacon syrup that could meet your expectations for cents. Yacon syrup is expensive to produce so no “bargain deals” can be available. Yacon syrup should cost at least 50-60 USD per bottle. Just choose another substitute if that amount means a lot to your financial stability.

I get a lot of messages about this so here it goes:

Brands that I trust and could recommend:

1. Certified Yacon (http://certifiedyacon.com)

Certified Yacon is a really an old brand. I can vouch for them for two reasons. Reason #1 – I have personally tested their syrup extract and I know that the quality just can’t get any better than that. Reason #2 I have heard a lot of great testimonials o their brand from people all around the world.  The only problem that could be a bit frustrating is that due to their strict manufacturing process their supply is very limited and they are often out of stock (thanks to their popularity I guess). Their official web-store is http://certifiedyacon.com

Yacon Syrup – Scientific Facts

Nowadays, more and more people want to consume calorie-reduced and healthier food choices. They want something that does not cause harm to the body and a product that offers numerous health benefits. If you are one of them, you definitely need to know more about a functional food called Yacon syrup. Read further and learn more about the countless benefits of yacon extract and all the essential information you need to know.

Yacon Syrup – What Is It?

Yacon syrup is a famous and highly beneficial dark brown syrup derived from the tuberous roots of the Yacon plant, Smallanthus sonchifolius. It is known as a perfect sugar substitute found in the Andean region of South America. It features a rich flavor which seems to be a combination of molasses and caramel. One of the amazing facts about this plant extract is the high concentration of fructoligosaccharide (FOS) in it. FOS is a specific type of compound which is low in calories. It tastes sweet, yet it does not increase the levels of blood glucose in the body. This active ingredient is the reason yacon extract is highly beneficial and healthy. Generally, the syrup of yacon contains about 40 to 50 percent fructoligosaccharide or FOS. Due to its numerous health benefits, the natives in the Andes have consumed and enjoyed yacon as their food source for thousands of years.

The Different Yacon Syrup Extract Benefits

1. Nutritive Benefits – It is always great to consume foods which taste good and are healthy. One of the health benefits of yacon extract is the ability to provide vitamins and nutrients to the body. According to health experts, the syrup of yacon is an amazing source of iron and potassium. It also helps in the absorption of magnesium, vitamin B, and calcium. Moreover, yacon syrup also promotes the production of short-chain fatty acids, including butyrate.

2. Weight Loss Benefits – In the history of weight loss, there have been a lot of products which people can opt for in order to shed extra pounds. However, when it comes to having a healthy weight loss product, yacon syrup is one of the greatest options one can have. The weight loss benefits of this particular syrup have caught the attention of copious health and fitness experts. Dr. Mehmet Oz, a famous TV personality, author, and health and fitness expert was even intrigued by the weight loss benefits of this product. According to him, FOS reaches the colon without being digested by the enzymes found in the digestive system. This means that the syrup is low in calories. It is powerful enough to act as a soluble fiber that can control and prevent constipation. This is why yacon extract is good for people who want to maintain a healthy weight. In addition, there have been studies conducted which show that the syrup of yacon can help individuals shed extra pounds because it can boost metabolism.


3. Can Help In Fighting And Preventing Cancer – This is probably one of the best benefits of taking yacon extract. Studies have shown that yacon syrup is packed with antioxidants. These antioxidants are helpful in preventing cell damage. A tissue culture study published in October 2011 showed that yacon compounds have the ability to inhibit the growth as well as the reproduction of cancer cells. This led the experts to conclude that yacon syrup has amazing anti cancer benefits against blood, colon, and skin cancers. Indeed, this is great news for everyone.

4. Immune System Benefits – It is not surprising to know why this particular extract promotes stronger immune system. It has nutritive benefits and it promotes friendly bacteria specifically in the digestive system. It reduces constipation and helps in the absorption of essential nutrients, that is why yacon extract is the best way to maintain healthy and strong immune system. This is best for everyone, specifically children.

5. Dental Health Benefits – The consumption of sweet, sugary foods is one of the primary reasons of tooth and gum problems. Good news for everyone – yacon syrup is a natural sweetener that does not cause cavities. A lot of people use this particular syrup as a great-tasting and healthy sweetener everyday.

6. Digestive Benefits – Yacon syrup works like magic because it promotes colon health. The truth is, once consumed, it has pro biotic effects in the body. It can even serve as a substrate for micro flora in your colon. In this connection, it promotes digestive tract health. It can also act as a supplement for yeast infection prevention. It acts like a fibrous material which can clean out the colon. Since the syrup is packed with fructoligosaccharides, it feeds the good bacteria found in the digestive system once it reaches the large intestine. Every health expert knows the importance and benefits of friendly bacteria for the overall health of a person.

7. Good For The Heart – It is essential for everyone to take good care of their heart. One of the primary benefits of consuming yacon syrup is the fact that it has the ability to reduce the levels of cholesterol in the body. It has been found that it can reduce the levels of glucose as well. Needless to say, this particular type of syrup is essential in promoting a healthy heart.

8. A Great Supplement For People With Diabetes – Health experts recommend the use of yacon syrup as a healthy alternative to commercial sweeteners. People with diabetes need to cut down sugar intake. With the help of this particular syrup, they do not need to worry. Yacon syrup is a perfect choice for diabetics. In fact, a certain study was conducted in July 2004 which showed that the consumption of yacon extract had definitely no effect on the levels of glucose for the groups of diabetics which attended the research. The explanation to this is because yacon root is composed of unique long chain sugars called polysaccharides which have high medicinal value. Yacon syrup contains insulin, a special type of polysaccharides which cannot be absorbed by the body. It is low in calories.

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9. Blood Sugar Management – Another essential health benefit of taking yacon syrup is the fact that is helps in regulating blood sugar balance. When the healthy bacteria in the digestive system digest the fructoligosaccharides, this leads to the production of short-chain fatty acids which are absorbed into the bloodstream. Thus, it helps in maintaining blood sugar in the body.

10. Good For Liver Health – If you are taking silymarin for your liver, then you should know that a combination of silymarin and the extract can help in promoting a healthy liver. A particular study which was issued in March 2008 showed that yacon syrup taken with silymarin could improve cholesterol levels as well as prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver. Needless to say, yacon extract can help in promoting healthy liver function.

11. A Perfect Option For Vegans – Vegans are really conscious about what they eat. It is great to know that yacon extract is a perfect option for people who live a vegan lifestyle. It is because there are vegans who adverse the use of honey or regular sugar as sweeteners. Since yacon syrup tastes sweet and healthy, apart from the fact that it is made from Yacon plant, it is considered a wonderful and healthy alternative.

Any Possible Side Effects?

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Generally speaking, experts say the use of yacon syrup has no negative side effects. According to Dr. Neal Bernard, a researcher and health expert, so far all the studies show that this type of plant extract causes no side effects. On the other hand, the consumption of yacon syrup should be done in moderation. Large doses of this syrup can cause digestive problems, including flatulence and diarrhea. Early studies showed that yacon syrup supplements can promote testosterone boosting ability benefits. However, this particular theory has not been tested in humans yet.

What Makes Yacon Syrup Effective?


Health experts were curious as to what makes this particular syrup nutritious and effective. Generally, this syrup is composed of 3 primary ingredients – insulin, probiotics, and fructoligosaccharides (FOS). Since FOS is a type of sugar, it is found in a range of plants. It bypasses the digestive system and then enters the colon. It acts like a fiber which promotes better digestion. It can also act as a natural appetite suppressant because it can moderate the food cravings of a person. Another important fact about yacon extract is its ability to affect the sensitivity of the body to insulin. In this connection, it prevents the liver from turning carbohydrates into fat. It should be noted as well that yacon syrup is packed with healthy bacteria which can help in better digestion. This is the reason it is best for improving the immune system of a person.

Research And Studies About Yacon Syrup


Just like other natural supplements and plant extracts, experts have been conducting researches and studies that will prove the benefits of yacon syrup extract. Different clinical trials have been performed by health and nutrition professionals. Dr. Oz himself performed a study to test the health benefits of the syrup. He even introduced the product on his show, saying that yacon syrup extract is the metabolism game changer. He said regular intake of the syrup could lead to a significant decrease in the body weight of an individual.

Another study was conducted to see how this particular extract could be a successful weight loss supplement. A year-long study found out that 73 percent of the participants shed extra pounds. 14 of the female participants were able to lose about 5 pounds. In addition, the results also showed that the use of the syrup could help in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

Moreover, Susan Genta along with other scientists, performed a study with regard to the effectiveness as well as the syrup extract benefits. They asked a group of women, who were overweight, to test the syrup. Based on the results, the participants were able to lose about 16kg or 33 pound. In other words, they lost about two pounds per week. This particular discovery did impress the experts and the participants. It was one of the countless studies performed in order to prove whether yacon extract is beneficial or not. So far, based on the studies conducted, yacon syrup has proven its effectiveness and health benefits.

Other Important Facts You Need To Know

With the all the health benefits it can offer, needless to say, yacon extract is a miracle product. Generally, it is marketed as a single-ingredient product in the market nowadays. You can purchase yacon syrup supplements online as well. They may be in powdered or dehydrated in form. These supplements are available in various brands and prices. Just remember to opt for a particular brand that is honest and reliable. If you want to be sure, you can find various yacon syrup reviews online. This way, you will be able to know which brands might work for you. There are people who consume yacon syrup solely, while others use the extract when preparing healthy recipes at home. Whilst this particular syrup offers a list of health benefits, it is also important to note that it has to be consumed at a specific amount or dosage. When taken properly, the copious yacon syrup extract benefits that anybody can obtain will lead to a happier and healthier life.

Over time, it became known that the extract was helpful as a healthy product. Today, a lot of people want to experience the health benefits of the syrup. Aside from powdered or dehyrated yacon extract, you can actually find this product in variety of forms, which include dried chips, pills, and others even use the root of the yacon plant itself. Despite of its form, generally all forms roughly have the same benefits. According to research, consumers usually opt for the yacon syrup supplements followed by the syrup form. If you want to take yacon extract supplement, health experts recommend the intake of 500-mg capsule before each meal. Moreover, people who want to drink coffee or tea during the day opt for yacon extract in powder form.